What you need to get started:

  • You will need an Android device or a laptop/desktop computer.
  • To be sat with your child and have access to their android device.
  • Access to the internet

Parental Setup via Android App

  1. Sign up if you haven't already and follow the instructions until you reach the "Add Child" screen. If you already have a Wing account you can achieve this by clicking the Children icon (the middle icon), and then clicking the "New child" button whilst in the app.
  2. If you are signing up for the first time please enter your child's details, making sure to select "Android" for their device.
  3. Click "OK" under the full setup dialogue box, and scroll down to "Full Setup" and enter your child's mobile number, and then click the "Send SMS to Child" button.
  4. Your child's phone will receive an SMS message linking to the downloads page of the website to download the Wing Kids app, and complete the process.
  5. Your child will have to follow the instruction for "Setup via Wing Website" laid out below.

    Wing recommend that you carry out this next process with your child so you can explain how the app works, and how it will help keep them safe and happy online.

Child Setup via Wing Website

Download Wing.apk
  1. Download Wing Kids using the button above. Once the download process is complete click "Open", then click "Install" on the application installer.
  2. Once the installation has completed, open the "Wing Kids" app and click "OK" on the initial screen so that the "Log In" screen appears. When Wing asks you if it can access your files click "Allow". Then log in with the same details used to sign up to the Wing app.
  3. When you have added your children select the child's profile you wish to associate with the Android device and click continue.
  4. Click "Enable Now" on the "Accessibility Service" screen and then tap on the "Installed services" link shown below, follow that by tapping "WingCare" and then toggle this from off to on on the following screen. Click "OK" when it asks you for permission.
  5. Click "Enable Now" on the "System Notification Access" screen. Then scroll down to "WingCare" and enable the app by swiping to the right. Follow this by clicking "Allow" when the app asks for notification access.
  6. Click "Enable Now" under "Device Admin Permission". Then, click "Activate" on the "Activate device admin app" prompt.
  7. Click "Enable Now" under the "Media and Device Storage Access- Call and SMS Permission" screen and click "Allow" to each of the four prompts. Click "Done".
  8. Finally, select the apps you wish to monitor, you can toggle them from on to off by clicking the icon on the screen. Click "Continue, and Start Service", and the installation is complete. The app will now monitor your child's device and will send its first data analysis after 24 hours. You can check analysis reports by visiting the Wing landscape through the Wing App, or by visiting the website.
InstructionsDownload PDF instructions.