Wing is an app parents can use to help make sure their children and teenagers stay safe and happy online. The app uses secure AI technology to review their interactions on app-based accounts, like social media, email and text. Based on what it finds, Wing gives parents an insight into their children’s emotional wellbeing so they can have better conversations as a family. It doesn’t report back on all of the child’s conversations, but it will raise any potential causes for concern so parents can take action if they need to.

Wing uses secure AI and machine learning technology to scan the content that appears on your child’s online accounts. Using advanced statistical analysis models, it recognises emotions contained in words, phrases and images. It uses this information to build an ‘emotional landscape’, giving you an overview of how your child might be feeling.

No. Unlike many other social media monitoring apps, Wing doesn’t let you spy on your child. It won’t reveal any interactions or conversations unless it spots a potential risk - like cyberbullying, or explicit messages. If this happens, the app will let you know automatically. Otherwise, your child’s interactions are kept private. All you’ll see is a general overview of the type of emotional content their exposed to through their online interactions.

Most other apps focus on 24/7 surveillance, and they report back on everything a child exchanges online. When we created Wing, we wanted a solution that allows children to enjoy their independence, but that also gave them a safety net. Wing uses AI to assess the emotions attached to the content children share online. It uses this information to display an overview of the emotions expressed in interactions. If it spots something parents might need to know about - like an explicit image, or a violent message - it will alert them straightaway. Otherwise, it won’t reveal the content of a child’s interactions.

Wing is designed to recognise specific threats that might appear in your child’s online interactions, including cyberbullying. If the app detects a message that might mean your child is being bullied, you’ll be alerted straightaway. The app won’t reveal who sent the message, but it will reveal its content - so you can intervene if you need to. As well as cyberbullying, Wing can recognise other threats to your child’s emotional wellbeing, including violent and explicit messages.

We think this is a decision that parents and their children should make together. Every family is different, and every child’s circumstances are too. In our view, Wing offers the ideal compromise - allowing children the freedom to carry on making the connections that are important to them, while giving parents the peace of mind that they’re staying safe and happy. The number of young people experiencing mental health issues is increasing, and social media is thought to play a key role in this increase. While Wing can’t prevent these issues from developing, it can help to encourage more effective communication between parents and children about the issues they face online. It can also help to alert parents to potential causes for concern - like cyberbullying - which could be affecting their child’s mental health.

Unlike Wing, other apps that track social media activity tend to allow parents to closely monitor every part of their children’s lives online, including revealing their messages, posts and conversations. In our opinion, this has a huge impact on children’s independence, and can lead to resentment. Many parents worry about how to keep their children safe online, but they also want to respect their privacy and show that they trust them. Wing gives these parents an ideal solution, acting as a safety net for their children and offering peace of mind as a result.

If Wing detects a threat, you’ll be notified in the app. In the ‘Threats’ section of the app, you’ll be able to see the content that triggered the threat.

At the moment, Wing is available in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We’re planning to make Wing available in other countries in the future.

Yes. The technology analyses images and video content in a similar way to how we look at text. Our machine learning database can assess the content of images and videos and determine whether it poses a threat to your child’s wellbeing.

You can try Wing for free for 7 days. After that, it costs £6.99 per month to protect up to 5 children. There’s no contract, so you can end your subscription whenever you like.

Wing can connect to: Gmail Outlook Yahoo AOL Instagram Twitter Snapchat YouTube Kik WhatsApp TikTok Google Drive Dropbox Pinterest Slack Reddit Tumblr Flickr Facebook We regularly add to the platforms and apps that Wing can connect to. If you have any suggestions, please email us at support@cogenis.com.

Some apps have security measures in place that won’t legally allow third-party apps like ours to interact with them. New platforms and apps are being created all the time, so there will be some that we don’t yet connect to. But we’re always updating the list of apps Wing can work with. If you have any suggestions, please email us at support@cogenis.com.

Wing is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices, which account for most smartphones and tablets. To set up Wing on an iOS device, you’ll also need access to a Windows or Apple computer.

To set up Wing, you’ll either need your child’s social media login details, or access to your child’s device. Since a big part of the reason we created Wing was to help families have better conversations, we’d encourage parents to talk to their children about setting up Wing. We think it’s important that children are aware that the app is set up on their phone, and that everyone understands how it works to help them stay safe online. Using Wing in this way can help to build trust, helping to protect children while protecting their independence too.

Yes. But, if this happens, we’ll alert you.

Right now, Wing can only be used on one device per child. If you think this is affecting the results you get from the app, please email us at support@cogenis.com.

Please email support@cogenis.com and we’ll see what we can do to help protect your family.

Go to the Settings page in the app and click ‘Your subscription’.

On most devices, just press and hold the app icon and choose the option to uninstall. If this doesn’t work, check your device manual for how to uninstall apps.

Wing collects message data, which includes text, images and video. It collects this data from the online accounts your child uses, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Wing assesses the content and checks whether it contains any causes for concern. If it does, it will keep the data and share the content with the parent. If it doesn’t, it deletes the data.

No. Our team can’t see any of your child’s messages or social media activity.

We can't guarantee that Wing is able to monitor 100% of the online activity that your child takes part in. But we've developed Wing to analyse the data that's available to give a rounded view of your child's wellbeing. Also, Wing's AI engine is not always right - it can misclassify threats or the emotions associated with certain content. We continuously update our AI engine with the aim of improving its classification accuracy.

There might be a few reasons. Your child might not have been active on social media for a little while, so there’s limited data for the app to analyse. Or the app might have been uninstalled from your child’s device. If this is the case, you’ll have received an alert from us. If you think that there might be another issue, please email us at support@cogenis.com.