Is Wing the ideal compromise?

Is Wing the ideal compromise?

Concerns about the impact of social media on young people and stories about teens being bullied online are never far from the media headlines. As a result, parents are justified in doubting whether to let their child engage with social media.

This can sometimes result in parents deciding to set strict controls on their children’s phones or banning them from social media altogether.

For those parents who are worried about their children spending lots of time on their smartphones or tablet devices, it can be hard to strike a balance of protecting their child and letting them have a measure of freedom and privacy to navigate their own way in the world.

Young people understandably want to be able to message and communicate with their peers through things like social media, messaging apps and email, without their parent(s) watching everything they do or say.

Could Wing be the ideal compromise for your family?

Wing offers a level of social media awareness for parents

Wing is different from the other apps that parents sometimes use to control their child’s use of social media or other online activity. Wing does not spy on the child and report their each and every message back to parents. Instead, Wing uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from the child’s online behaviours, their social media posts and online interactions, to determine what is ‘normal’ for them. Wing can then determine the emotional content of the various activities online. Wing will then report to parents on the child’s general wellbeing and help parents to understand their emotional world from that child’s online interactions. The reports take the form of an island and weather conditions. For example, if the weather is sunny and the sea is calm, Wing is showing that the child’s online interactions have been happy and content. If there is rain or stormy weather, there may be things going on in their online space that parents might want to have a conversation with them about.

If an incident arises that Wing feels is serious enough to require parental intervention, the parent will be alerted to this directly.

Due to the unique way in which Wing monitors and reports activity, Wing helps to protect children online, without spying on or tracking them and potentially damaging the trust between the young person and their parent. We believe that this makes Wing stand apart and ahead of the best social media monitoring apps for parents that have been available until now.

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