How Wing is different

How Wing is different

When it comes to online safety resources for parents, there are a number of options available, including things like parental control apps for social media, advice from organisations and charities and resources aimed at helping your child to understand how to stay safe online too.

Understandably, social media and internet safety is a concern for many parents; more children than ever are using smartphones or internet-connected devices, and social media use is simply second nature to some children, especially teens. This element of risk may turn some parents against social media for their children entirely.

This is one of the main reasons that Wing was developed. One of our founders was a concerned parent who was worried about their child being bullied at school and online, but all of the app-based solutions they could find were focused on parents having total control, rather than on the individual child’s wellbeing.

How social media affects parenting

Many parents don’t always feel fully equipped to help their children deal with the challenges of their childhood and teens – that is absolutely nothing new! However, social media and smartphones bring a whole different set of challenges in addition to everything else that young people face in our current society. Some parents can feel somewhat out of their depth when it comes to balancing the instinct to protect their child, whilst also giving them the freedom and privacy to make some of their own choices as they grow up.

So, how does social media affect the parental relationship?

Social media, email and messaging apps can make up a large proportion of the communication that young people have with their peers. It is natural that they might not want to share all of their online activity with their parents, especially as they get older. It can be a challenge for parents to allow their older children and teens a level of privacy, but this is where Wing can help parents to find the right balance.

Wing provides a layer of social media safeguarding for children

Rather than focusing on controlling a child’s access to certain social media or messaging apps, or copying content directly to parents, Wing understands and respects the young person’s right to privacy, whilst offering parents some peace of mind.

Wing is designed to be totally transparent. We want the young person to understand what the app is and does; that it’s there to offer them a level of protection. With Wing, if the app detects an incident that is deemed serious enough to require immediate intervention, the parent will be informed so that they can check in with their child and have a conversation about whatever the issue is.

This feature not only reassures the parent that they will be alerted if necessary, but also reassures the child that Wing has their back, and will notify their parent of any issues so that they don’t have to bring up whatever is bothering them out of the blue. Wing does the sometimes-difficult task of starting a conversation!

Wing provides that layer of internet and social media safety that affords your child their privacy but ensures that parents are not left completely in the dark about what is going on in their life online.

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