How AI can help keep your children safe online

How AI can help keep your children safe online

A lot of parents worry about the safety of their children and teens when they go online and engage on social media platforms. There are frequent stories in the media about how dangerous or damaging these things can be, but it can be very difficult for parents to know how to protect their children from these potential dangers. How can you find the right balance between protection and enabling them to develop essential digital skills for today’s world and accessing the many positive aspects of the online space.

Whilst many parents try to supervise, or at least understand, what their children are doing online to some degree, it’s unlikely that they are always able to monitor or control this. There is also the balance, especially for older children and teens, between protecting them and allowing them to make their own independent decisions with their online activity, as well as giving them some level of privacy.

An emerging technology that can help give parents some peace of mind in this area is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. There are a number of ways in which AI is already being used online to help protect children, including a new UK government initiative to identify and block grooming.

In relation to social media and messaging apps specifically, Wing is an app that uses machine learning (AI) .Wing can attribute sentiment to the child’s online activity – differentiating when they are exposed to emotions that are content or happy, and when their emotional world is sad, angry, worried. The app can alert parents if it identifies a ‘threat’, but otherwise simply reports back to parents on their child’s overall online emotional world . Find out more about how Wing works.

With technology like this, which offers a layer of protection for children and teens without ‘spying’ on their every move (or message), Wing is able to help bridge the gap between parents who want to protect their children, and the young person who wants to be trusted to make their own online decisions and enjoy a level of privacy.

Issues such as online bullying and explicit content or posts that could potentially affect a young person’s mental health are quite rightly a concern for parents in this new age. The young people of today have some very different things to contend with, compared to their parents’ generation, and it can be very difficult to know how to best help them navigate their own way through their journey to adulthood. We think that AI has an important role to play in protecting children online, both now and in the future!

If you want to know more about Wing and how it uses AI to protect children online, you can also read our FAQs.