Children & Wing – What’s in it for them?

Children & Wing – What’s in it for them?

We developed Wing to be an app that helps parents to keep their children happy and safe online, without being intrusive and tracking or spying on the child or teenager.

Many experts believe that using most of the tracking apps currently on the market can be counterproductive, either by not allowing the young person to experience a level of independence and to learn how to assess risk on their own, or by the child actually increasing the secrecy of their activities. The young person can view a tracking and monitoring app on their phone as a sign that they are not trusted by their parent, especially as they get older and naturally want some privacy and autonomy.

Wing is different. The app doesn’t save a copy of messages, emails or social posts to share with parents and it doesn’t use the child’s mobile phone GPS signal to track their location. Wing uses artificial intelligence to oversee the child’s social media activity and provides parents with a wellbeing report that helps them understand the emotional context of their online interactions. Parents can also be alerted if something significant happens that Wing believes requires intervention. You can find out more about how Wing works here.

Talk to your child about Wing?

Wing looks at your child’s social media so that you don’t have to. Your child’s privacy is protected but you also have the reassurance that you will be alerted if anything is wrong.

Wing monitors the child’s emotional wellbeing, based on their online interactions, the words and emojis used and the social media posts they publish. Wing applies sentiment analysis to your child’s activity to help determine what emotions are involved, to take a view on their overall wellbeing and to assess any threats, such as cyberbullying.

We believe that installing Wing on your child’s device should be done transparently, with the young person fully aware of what the app is and does. We think that it’s important your child knows that they are not being spied on, but that Wing is like an extra layer of protection for them as they navigate today’s online world and all of the challenges that it brings.