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About Wing

Wing was created to help keep children safe online. As parents ourselves, we felt strongly that children should have the freedom to use social media, but we were concerned they were potentially vulnerable. There were plenty of apps on the market that monitor how children use the internet, but they focus on 24/7 surveillance. We wanted a solution that allows children to enjoy their independence, but that also keeps parents in the loop when necessary.

Gen Z are the first generation that both make and sustain their friendships online. It’s hugely important to them. But with over a third of young people having been bullied online, it can be really worrying for parents - especially when they can’t see what’s going on or be there to help.

We want to help keep children safe online. Built by British scientists, we use psychology and machine learning to check in on how your child is feeling, and give you the resources to guide them through difficult situations. With more knowledge of your child’s ups and downs, you can have better conversations as a family.

We take privacy seriously. We won’t share the content of any of your child’s messages, unless we spot a potential cause for concern - for example, if your child receives a violent message, or an explicit picture. Otherwise, we make sure your child’s information is kept private, so they can carry on safely building the relationships that matter to them online.