Help your child stay
safe & happy online

Wing was created by parents to help other parents. We’ll help you keep your child safe when they’re on social media.

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Understand your child’s wellbeing

Wing uses psychology and machine learning to keep your child safe online. We check in on how they’re feeling and give you the resources to guide them through difficult situations.

What Wing Gives You

App screen showing wings core emotionsApp screen showing wings core emotions
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Insights into your child's
online wellbeing

Wing evaluates how your child interacts online, and measures the emotional content they are exposed to. The app assesses the 5 core emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. You'll get a daily report showing how many posts your child has exchanged, and the emotional content of their interactions.

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Instant alerts if there's a
cause for concern

Unlike other apps, we don’t report back on all of your child’s conversations. But you’ll be alerted straightaway if we spot anything that could be considered a threat to your child’s wellbeing - like violent or explicit content. You can tailor how the app works by choosing how sensitive you’d like us to be to potential threats.

App screen showing wing threatsApp screen showing wing threats
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Guidance on looking
after your child's
emotional wellbeing

We'll give you guidance on issues that could affect how your child is feeling - like sleep, confidence and relationships. If the app detects any trends in the data, it will send you relevant tips for looking after your child’s emotional wellbeing.

Wing monitors...

Social media accounts, other applications, Browser activities,
Emails, WhatApp, SMS, images and more.

Services Wing monitors...Services Wing monitors...

How it works

Wing works on iOS & Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Mac & Windows computers.

Wing uses secure AI technology, created by British scientists

This technology scans the words and images your child exchanges online. It uses what it finds to build up a picture of how your child is feeling.

Your child's privacy is completely protected

Your data is never stored nor seen by human eye

Wing won't reveal any interactions or conversations unless it spots a potential risk - like cyberbullying, or explicit messages. If this happens, the app will let you know automatically.

Our team doesn't see any of the messages, and we don’t store any message data.

Wing can be used on multiple devices.

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Protect up to 5 children on Multiple Devices
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